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By the time you realize you’ve been hacked, it’s too late – your data has already been stolen.

Guardkey provide ultra-secure data protection with 256-bit AES for your private files on your hard drive or cloud drive. With GuardKey even if your computer is used by others your data is safe.

Unlike regular encrypted USB drives which only protect what’s stored on the USB drive. GuardKey’s easy to use installed software can encrypt your hard drives in PC or laptop, external hard drives, memory cards, USB and even cloud drives such as DropBox, Google Drive etc…

Encrypt your files with GuardKey’s software and when you unplug the GuardKey your files not only locks up but also disappears from your computer. No one, not even you, can see or access the encrypted files on the computer. To access your files, simply plug in the GuardKey and your SafeBox appears again and is automatically decrypted.

In case you lose the Guardkey Dongle, innovative technology enables you to access your Safebox without the Dongle. With GuardKey’s Mobile App, you can securely unlock the Safebox with your smartphone by entering the Mobile Unlock PIN to access your data. It is the safest and the most convenient way to authenticate, reducing the risk of missing password and password theft.

Guardkey’s Mobile App has Mobile Access and Photo Lock functions. Sync encrypted files not just from your PC but from device to device. GuardKey Viewer’s allows you to open Cloud drive files on your phones or tablets. Enjoying the highest protection brings by GuardKey, and the convenience brings by cloud storages. With Photo Unlock just browse and select the photos you want, and the photos or videos are uploaded to the encrypted space. You are able to put photos to Cloud Safebox with mobile device.

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